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There are many makeup artists. A special gift is to bring forth how unique that woman really is.

No matter what you are getting "done up" for - a professional/corporate headshot, need some style assistance, working a fashion shoot, or a life event like a wedding, graduation, etc., I will find what makes you shine in your own way. Contact me to schedule a consultation, and feel free to check out more of what I offer below.
Professionals and Corporate

Professionals & Corporate 

Your professional presence speaks volumes - it tells people about who you are before you do.


Whether you are just starting out - looking for a job or at the beginning of your start-up - or are seasoned and looking to align how you look with who you are, I am happy to help you!

Style Coaching and Classes

Style Coaching & Classes

In a visual society, your look and style is your business card. I love helping people look their best - bringing out your style and helping you shine! I offer individual coaching as well as classes. We can work one-on-one, or get a group of friends together and make it a party!  



I love doing fashion shoots - a free flow of creating art by bringing out your amazingness!

Life Events

life events

You want to look your best for your engagement pictures, senior/graduation photos, your wedding (of course!), and any number of life events. I love to bring out your natural beauty so your pictures are happy memories of these important milestones!



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Please send a message with any questions or requests for scheduling and consultations... and remember - I can come to you!

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