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Black, Is Your Closet Full Of It?

The Colour black has been one of my favorite colours since I became a teenager. I took my mother into one of Wenatchee's best dress stores called, K's Corner. The rounder in front of the store had a beautiful black dress on it. I was excited to show her this beautiful dress and all she could say was "black is for old ladies."

That never deterred me from buying black to this day. Black has been apart of my uniform as well. Playing in orchestra and working in the makeup industry have always called for black.

I must admit that I am now trying to add more colour to my wardrobe. How many of you tell yourself that I am not going to buy any more black and what do you do? Buy either black or black and white.

Black eyeliner, black mascara, black nail polish, if you can't decide what to wear, black.

I confess my first colour of eyeshadow as a teenager was bright blue by Tussy!

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