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I have so many quirks I don't know where to begin!

Below is a conversation I had with one of my latest clients, Cindy.

We all have funny quirks what are some of yours?.

You should talk to my husband to get the complete list!

I have never had a cup of coffee! I drink tea in the morning. I'm RUTHLESS about getting rid of leftovers; my motto is "when in doubt, throw it out!" And I have an innate sense of direction.

What is your favorite quote?

"God works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him."

Cindy where does your name come from?

My name is a shortened version of Lucinda, who was my great-grandmother. It means: Bringer of light. That so fits you!

Before coming to me as your makeup artist you had a lot of concerns about wearing makeup again.

I have not worn makeup in a couple of decades. I had tried every major brand and every one of them irritated my skin in one way or another. I found it impossible to wear lipstick no matter what the brand because I got itchy hives on my lips for days. And mascara would cause my eyes to itch so badly, it just wasn't worth it. I am pleased to report that I had NO negative reactions to the Arbonne products. Thank Deb!


Cindy is an AMAZING women. She runs a ministry called the Northshore Healing rooms. This non-denominational ministry focuses on spiritual, emotional and physical healing


The beautiful painting above is one of many paintings by Cindy. I just love that painting.

To see more of her paintings:

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