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The Greatest Value

On line shopping is the new mall. In the community that I grew up in there were neighborhood grocery stores. My Grandpa Gault owned one. It was great fun to watch him through the big store window anxiously waiting for him to go into another part of the store. Quickly, I opened the front door so the bell would ring then hide. As waiting for his cue, Grandpa Gault marched right into the main store room thinking it was a customer. The look of, where is the customer kept me wanting to do it over and over. I bet all of you have figured out he knew it was me!

Neighborhood grocery stores faded into the background as large corporate store like Safeway and Albertsons moved in. Downtown shopping was slowly replaced with malls. Why am I writing about this?

On line shopping is the new mall. Convienent, quick gratification, and inexpensive are all descriptions of this shopping experience. Stylist box plans start as low as $20.00 up to $159.00. While this is great for the person who hates to shop or struggles with what to wear, it leaves out that personal one on one attention a client would get with a personal shopper. I hope relationships with professional stylists will not go the way of the " neighborhood grocery store". Personal stylists are an investment in yourself that can be for a life time. Advantages of using a personal stylist will provide you with knowledge of what your best colors are and how to work with your body type. Best of all they capture that special something that is, you!

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